Childcare in emergency and exceptional circumstances

JGU has made the back-up services provided by pme Familienservice GmbH available to students and employees with children.

This flexible short-term child-care arrangement allows parents for coping effectively with exceptional situations, e.g. an exam is scheduled outside of normal kindergarten opening hours or your child minder got sick.

The carers will look after children aged between 8 weeks and 12 years on an hourly or daily basis, including evenings and weekends. JGU will assume all costs of the emergency childcare services. However, please note that there is a limit of three days per child per year on which this service may be utilized. This service is for exceptional circumstances and cannot be used for normal child care during holiday periods.

How to access JGU´s child care back-up service:

Requests for the emergency childcare service should be sought the night before the day the service is required. Please call the free hotline to make an appointment.

Hotline +49 800 80 100 70 80

The childcare back-up service is situated near Mainz main station:

3K - Kinder, Kunst, Kultur
Münsterstraße 25
D 55116 Mainz

Are you interested in visiting 3K´s facilities?

The service has an open day on the first Saturday of each month. Opening hours are 10.00 a.m. - 02.00 p.m. upon request. Please call +49 6731 999054 to make an appointment.