Childcare in emergency and exceptional circumstances

The childminder is ill or the exam goes beyond the usual childcare hours? There are situations in which, despite the best organisation of childcare, childcare shortages arise and parents need reliable care for their child or children at short notice. In these cases, JGU has made the back-up services provided by pme Familienservice GmbH available to students and employees with children since 2009.

General Condictions

In the childcare in emergency and exceptional circumstances, children aged 8 weeks to 12 years inclusive can be looked after for hours or days at short notice, including evenings and weekends. All students and employees of JGU can use the emergency childcare for 3 days per year per child free of charge. Therefore, this offer cannot be used to bridge holiday periods at other childcare facilities.

Child Care Facility

The childcare in emergency and exceptional circumstances takes place in the pme back-up facilities. You are not bound to the Mainz location, but can bring your child to all pme back-up facilities for childcare in emergency cand exceptional circumstances and thus choose the facility that is best located for you. For the Mainz campus, the nearest back-up facilities are in Mainz and Frankfurt, and for the Germersheim campus, in Mannheim and Karlsruhe.On the pme website you will find an overview of all back-up facilities.

The chidlcare in emergency and exceptional circumstances in Mainz, as well as the childcare in transitional periods, takes place in the back-up facility "3 K - Kinder, Kunst, Kultur". This is located near the main railway station and Münsterplatz in the Altmünster parish rectory:

3K – Kinder, Kunst, Kultur
Münsterstraße 25
55116 Mainz

How to access the childcare in emergency and exceptional circumstances

If you would like to use the emergency care, you must register this with the free pme hotline the evening before at the latest. The hotline is available every day, including weekends:

Hotline 0800 - 80 100 70 80

If you are interested in using the childcare in emegerncy and exceptional circumstances, you and your child should take a non-binding look at the facility on the regular open days. The open day in Mainz is always the first Saturday of the month from 10.00-14.00. Please register for the open day by calling 06731-999054 or e-mail. However, you can also use the emergency care without having seen the facility beforehand.

Open Days 2024
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