Central Contact Point for Student Maternity Protection (ZASM)

Notes on Student Maternity Protection (Maternity Protection Act) at the JGU

Legal background
The altered regulations of the Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz/MuSchG) came into effect on 1 January 2018. What is new is that female students are included in the scope of protection of the Maternity Protection Act insofar as the higher education institution "prescribes the place, time and process of the lectures" (§ 1 Para. 2 Sentence 2 No. 8 MuSchG), i.e. during exams and lectures (including scientific internships or excursions). Activities that students can freely determine during their studies, such as visits to the library, participation in free lectures and sports activities as well as recommended but not mandatory internships, do not fall under the scope of protection of the Maternity Protection Act. The regulations of the Maternity Protection Act apply to pregnant and breastfeeding women up to 12 months after birth. During the maternity protection period (usually six weeks before and eight weeks after birth), the student is also exempted from courses and examinations (see point 3 for further information).

The legal text is available here (only in German).

1.) As a student at JGU, where can I report my pregnancy and what proof do I need?
The notification is made at the Central Contact Point for Student Maternity Protection (ZASM) via JOGU-StINe.
You can upload your proof in the form of your maternity log or a medical certificate in the application. All data that you do not wish to disclose may of course be blacked out. Only your name and the date of delivery is needed. You can find more information here (in German).

2.) What is meant by the terms “general risk assessment” and “detailed risk assessment?”
By giving notice of your pregnancy, the Maternity Protection Act becomes effective at JGU. From this point on, the general risk assessment of your lectures apply to you. You can find the relevant documents right-hand side in the download area. A general risk assessment should ensure that any necessary protective measures can be taken immediately when you report your pregnancy. The general risk assessments remain valid until they are replaced by the detailed risk assessments. These are prepared individually for you and your lectures in the departments/faculties/universities.

3.) Can I also take part in courses/exams during the maternity protection period?
After you have given notice of your pregnancy with ZASM, the relevant authorities in your departments/faculties/universities will be notified of the provisional maternity protection period and you may no longer take part in any lectures or exams during this period unless you explicitly declare your willingness to participate. You must inform the relevant departments/faculties/universities of this in an informal written declaration. Please contact the relevant contact points in your departments/faculties/universities. You find an overview of the relevant contacts in the ZASM download area.