Childcare in transitional periods

What do you do if the semester starts in October, but the daycare place for the child doesn't start until December? Or the new job starts in June, but the kindergarten year does not begin until August?

For such "regular transitional cases", we have developed the childcare in transitional periods as a new care offer for our employees and students as a supplement to the day care centres and emergency care. The in transitional periods is intended to enable parents to return to their studies or jobs, even if they have not yet found long-term regular childcare.

In the childcare in transitional periods, children from eight weeks to 12 years of age are taken care of by pedagogical specialists with full board. The care is approved for six months. During this time, the care times can be flexibly coordinated, whereby the parents commit themselves here for at least one month. A maximum of 3 care days per week is possible. During the summer holidays in Rhineland-Palatinate, an increase to five days per week is possible by arrangement for up to four weeks.

Please also note, that there is an own contribution to pay for every day of childcare in transitional periods. Students have to pay the fixed sum of 15 Euro per day, employees pay 25 Euro per day (tax included).

The childcare takes place at the back-up institution of pme Familienservice GmbH near Mainz main station:

3K – Kinder, Kunst, Kultur
Münsterstraße 25
55116 Mainz

f you would like to use the transitional care, you are welcome to visit the facility together with your child on the regular taster days. Please register for the taster day by e-mail (with the subject "Übergangsbetreuung" and your telephone number).

Please contact the Family Services Center for an information session before submitting your application. The application with the adjacent application form and copies of the birth certificate and the employment contract or matriculation certificate is also done via the Family Services Center. 

Application deadlines 2023

Places in the childcare in transitional periods are allocated monthly for the following month by the Family Services Center in consultation with the facility. After the information session with the Family Services Center, you should arrange a taster appointment with the facility and then send your application to the Family Services Center. The following application deadlines apply for 2023:

Start of familiarisation in:
January: application deadline 04.12.2022
Februry: application deadline 04.01.2023
March/April: application deadline 01.02.2023
May: application deadline 02.04.2023
June: application deadline 01.05.2023
July: application deadline 04.06.2023
August: application deadline 02.07.2023
September/October: application deadline 01.08.2023
November: application deadline 03.10.2023
December: application deadline 01.11.2023
January 2024: application deadline 03.12.2023

Due to the high demand, it is necessary that you submit your application two months in advance if you would like to start at the beginning of the semester in April and October. Please note that it may not be possible for you to start settling in directly at the beginning of the month. This depends on the application situation and the capacities of the institution.

If you urgently need a place in transitional care at short notice, please contact the Family Services Center!