Childcare in transitional periods

How can childcare be arranged when the “Childcare in Emergency”-option is not enough? You begin to study in october and your child can go to the kindergarten from january on for example.

In the past we asked ourselves this question very often. Because a lot of people moving to JGU as students or employees have problems like this.

For these so called "transitional periods" we now offer a new possibility of childcare in addition to the childcare centres and the childcare in emergency. Educational staff takes care of children from the age of 2 months until the age of 12 years. Even full catering is offered. The periods of daycare can be arranged flexibly according to the parents' study or working times. The daycare periods have to be defined for at least one month. Please note, that you can only choose three caredays per week in this option. When there are summer holidays in Rheinland-Pfalz you can choose five days per week, but only for a period of four weeks.

Please also note, that there is an own contribution to pay for every day of childcare in transitional periods. Students have to pay the fixed sum of 15 Euro per day, employees pay 25 Euro per day (tax included).

The childcare takes place at the back-up institution of pme Familienservice GmbH near Mainz main station:

3K – Kinder, Kunst, Kultur
Münsterstraße 25
55116 Mainz

If you are interested in using the back-up institution, please visit an open day (first saturday of each month from 10.00 a.m. until 02.00 p.m.) to get to know the rooms and carers. Please call +49 6731-999054 to make an appointment.

Please consult the Family Services Center before making an application for the
childcare in transitional periods.
We are looking forward to help you!
The Family Services Center is responsible for all applications for the
childcare in transitional periods.