Children’s Holiday Camp

Children's holiday camps during the school vacations at JGU

To make it easier to combine family and studies or career, JGU offers children's holiday camps in Mainz and Germersheim during the Rhineland-Palatinate school holidays for primary school children of students and employees of the university.

Holiday Camps in Mainz

The holiday programme in Mainz is organised and run by pme familienservice GmbH. The holiday camps are offered in all holiday weeks in Rhineland-Palatinate, so you can already register your child for the whole year. You have a total of three weeks of holiday care per child. You can distribute these 3 weeks individually over the school holidays according to your needs.

To register your child(ren) for holiday care, send an email from your university email address to Important: Places in the holiday care programmes are limited, the principle of first come-first served applies, so please register with pme at least four weeks in advance if possible.

The camps are free of charge for students' children, for employees there is a cost of 90 euros per child per week.

Easter Vacation's Programme 2024

25.-28.03.2024: Colorful Creative Week 1
02.04.2024, 8-16 h: Colorful Creative Week 2

Holiday Camps in Germersheim

JGU has reserved places for the children of its employees and students from Germersheim at the Hufeisen Children's and Youth Centre's holiday care service.

The offer is free of charge for children of JGU students and employees. Please indicate by hand on the registration form that you are a member of the university and enclose a copy of your student certificate or employment contract. The note on the flyer regarding the price accordingly does not apply to students and employees of the Germersheim campus.

Vacation's Programme in Germersheim 2024

25.-28.03.2024: Easter Vacation in the Fortress
21.-24.05.2024: Whitsun Vacation in the Fortress
05.-09.08.2024: Our Village in the Fortress 1
12.-16.08.2024: Our Village in the Fortress 2