Children´s Holiday Camp

In order to facilitate the combination of family and career/studies, holiday camps for children are generally offered during summer and fall school holidays in Rheinland-Pfalz.

JGU´s Family Services Center offers childrens' holiday camps for both JGU students' and employees' children aged six to twelve years. JGU students are exempt of fees for childrens' holiday camps, fees for JGU employees are subsidised by the university.

You can contact us via E-Mail or telephone to inquire about future childrens' holiday camps. We are looking forward to help you!

In cooperation with the pme Familienservice GmbH we will offer our childrens' holiday camp again.


The following organisations also offer holiday camps. Please contact them for further information:

  • Lyfes offers various vacation camps for children between the ages of 6 and 12 with cost sharing from all statutory health insurance companies.In the Rhine-Main area and especially in Rheinhessen, 32 camps are planned for the summer vacations alone in cooperation with companies and clubs. More information about all the vacation camps as well as registration and participation fees can be found on the Lyfes website. You will also find some information about the sports camp in Mainz, the soccer camp in Mainz and the handball camp in Nierstein.
  • Having fun while learning english? BSC Mainz Athletics offers for pupils of 5th and 6th a three-day Language Camp during autumn holidays
  • The N.E.W. Institut offers vacation camps in the winter and summer vacations in Mainz and surrounding areas. You can find more information here.
  • The JGU´s Institute for Sports organizes a Kids-Feriencamp during summer holidays
  • The Sportjugend Rheinhessen offers travel for children and teenagers in all vacations.
  • Jugend-in-Mainz (Youth in Mainz) offers an overview over several other non-profit-organisations´ children´s holiday camps.
  • Check the city of Mainz' official website for their offers of children´s holiday camps.
  • The database of Stadtjugendring Mainz e.V. comprises a vast selection of children´s holiday camps in Mainz and the surrounding region.
  • The Protestant Church offers holiday camps, which are organised by the local Stadtjugendpfarramt.
  • The Protestant Jugendwerk Hessen offers vacation camps (trips) for children and young people, the offer is not bound to a specific denomination. Find more information here.
  • You can search for holiday camps on the site of the Diocese Mainz.